Custom Reporting for HR Managers and Supervisors - Employee Hotlines
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Custom Reporting for HR Managers and Supervisors

custom reports for HR managersHaving visibility to key employee attendance metrics can really assist HR Managers and Supervisors with improving scheduling, reducing work stoppages as well as ensuring compliance. We can create custom reports that will enable you to monitor your call activity and identify areas for improvement and even see behavioral patterns of call offs.


You can gain insight into your workforce by making use of the raw data stored in your account. We can auto-deliver daily, weekly and monthly customized reports. These reports provide the necessary detail as to when and how often employees are calling off, are late and if there are any updates to an FMLA status.


Some of the most commonly requested reports include:

  • Message Detail
  • Call Type
  • Call Reason
  • Call Volume
  • Inbound Calls by Geographic Location
  • Caller ID Detail
  • And much more . . .


Call us today and learn more about how our custom reports can enhance your absentee management process! 877-777-6443